Citizen:Media is exploring how to use design methods from different art- and media fields to shape the narratives of our time.

The contemporary story, often told in the shape of news, is starting in the point of no return which also is the reason why it's told. It is a documentation and a co-creator of our present time and affect the way we look at the world, now and in the future.

Today's headline is the working material and the starting point of theme and content. The research is about making the design and shape of the story. The workplace is the Lab in which different art- and media forms are tried out in publishings primary om Instagram and Fb.

The project is run by a project manager and producer. Team and co-creating artists are guests in the labs and experiments. The lab method is inspired by Design Thinking, adapted for development of art and research. 

Citizen:Media is a meetingpoint of mediated and performative arts working together designing current storys, givning new perspecitves and room for reflection about how, what and why we produce, share, comment and consume, but also how we are affected by the representations of our contemporaty time. 

By taking an active part in telling and sharing daily stories Citizen:Media contributes to create the image of our world today.

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