84 euros - minimum wage for the cleaning service

No cost for the stand at thisartfair

10-30 euros,material cost: sponges, towels, bucket, vaseline, fruitjuices bottes, acrylic paint.

Twice 4,95 for the print of the QR code 

 15 euros for 2 bottles of wine offered to the photographers of the footage, both affiliated to the Bcademie.

Alex Jacobs being one of the founder of the Bcademie and Bart Lunenburg a participant.


I contacted the director of the beurs to find out if he would need a cleaner on the same day on the same day of the final performance. Unfortunately he was on vacation.

Because there were not much paint left to clean, I decided to clean it myself.

A handful of mountains

- graduation show

Gerrit Rietveld

DOGtime 2016

These 'institutions' in one way or another had an influence on the work.

Discussions during a class of Artistic Research (which I am enrolled in currently), led to deconstruct the work further. Making the process visible and by doing so spinning it towards a research.

The practical issues discussed during negotiations between partners led to advance and transform the work from the virtual towards the real. 

The real infecting in return the virtual.


The interconnection,
a subjective artistic research.

MQ - Is it research?

MA - It is a strive for transparency, an attempt to unveil a rhizomatic structure of making

MQ - Where is the theory?

MA - How can I think in plurality  without naming Deleuze and Guattari?

testing 11.12


Beurs van Berlage

With Anna


an ongoing process in transparency

Momentum/full is an ongoing process in transparency. It questions the origin of the work itself as well as its direct influences and resonances.
The work unfolds physically in a performance that aims towards an urgency of looking.

In the real, during ThisArtfair, I will develop the performance in 3 stages:
-on the 27.12 between 18:15 and 18:30 – acrylic paint will be poured on the floor of the Keurzaal/Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam).
-between the 27.12 and the 29.12 the paint will transform in consistency.
-on the 29.12 at 17:00 – the paint will be cleaned until no trace is left.

In the virtual, the process of Momentum/full is made visible through this online research catalogue.



the proposition to ThisArtfair


Words draw 




-thinking in plurality

Paleis van Mieris 



For the third stage of Momentum a cleaner will assist me in cleaning the paint. To integrate a person that respresents a cleaning service is a way to make their work visible. One of the purposes of their visibility is to brake the romantic idea of the autonomous artist.

I contacted the cleaning service affiliated to the beurs van berlage, in order to book a cleaner that would clean with me.




What happened on the 27.12

Test 17.12

Questions :

-What is the role of the public in this piece?

I used the art fair not as platform to make the work public but more as a studio. 

The public is directly linked to the possibility of making the work ‘real’. For without them the fair wouldn’t exist, nor would the performance exist without the fair. 


Fresco et Fruttato


The agreement was that vaseline needed to be applied before the paint, in order to keep the floor clean.

This made the paint flow outside of the vaseline. Therefore the stage 3 of the performance (the cleaning part) was directly integrated to stage 1.

The shape of the leftovers of the performance is predetermined by the conditions implied by the exhibition space (the retrieval of the paint).