The need to write 


1:  The shadow on the right are questions about my art practice

2: shadow on the bottom are metaphysical questions (derived from)

3: double 4 are reactions towards the material, things to make

4: double 6 reflection on the artistic outcome

5: dotted, thoughts on artistic research

6: no frame, loose words or thoughts

7: normal, experiences, stories to be made

8: dashed 6 : gathered theory

9: inset 5, analyze the process

10: words while making



There is this photograph I need to take. An image of what has happened but that hasen't been fixed. The translation of an impression, a memory that i can only convey written and spoken words.



in plurality


The water needs to mean something

the traces are minimal, too much is too much, too little is too little.

Incorporating nature somehow, work with it, not against it, trying to listen


I saw a deer running in front of me, I can still hear the deep sound of his galloping on the way I was about to pass.

I saw him for a split of second cross the path and disappear. It was so quick that I can now only compare it to the memory of a dream. 

I wasn't scared but startled and amazed, my jaw flipped open and I realized that he was so much more in the present then I could ever be. 



there could be a picture under the water


under the water, words may come


During the walk I remember an interview of David Flemming. He was reflecting on the idea of encountering  another being and about the incapitity of the scientific discourse to describe such an encounter.

According to him, only poetry could convey such an event.

Cette fois-ci il m’était n’était nécessaire de la retrouver je cherchais des signes que je trouvais et me rendai compte de cette recherche. Il faisait très froid, les signes m’ont rempli, j ai fais une méditation marchante de 20m, le soleil me brûle encore les joues. Oui j’ai entendu ce podcast magnifique que dans le constat de la fatalité du système dans lequel l’on vit. Dans ce desolat et dans l’acceptation de nos contradictions la seule chose que l’on pouvait faire était de vivre dans ce vide de ne pas savoir. Dans le fertile moment de perplexité. Il n’y a pas de division entre nous et le reste, entre le mal et le bien.
Voir et utilisé.

9/01 Animism

17.01 make a sculpture of the spirit in the wood, big printed picture

 “Animism is a belief that spirits exist and may live in all things, sentient and non-sentient. The world is thought to be animated by all sorts of spirits that may intervene negatively or positively in the affairs of men. Although spirits may live in all things, every object does not harbor a spirit. If there were a spirit in everything, the daily activities of mankind would be seriously disrupted because a spirit would have to be addressed or placated at every step in a day's activities.” =

the idea that animism is forgotten, Fairytales, mythological storyies are analyzed to finc scientific, sociological or phsyoclogical truths.

But can we dare to dream with the told stories and lift our spirit up with the stories that the forest is telling us? 




Martin Shaw

“I have not a clue whether we humans will live for another 100 or 10,000 years.  We can’t be sure.  What matters to me is the fact we have fallen out of a very ancient love affair – a kind of dream tangle, with the earth itself.  If, through our own mess, that relationship is about to end, then we need to scatter as much beauty around us as we possibly can, to send a voice, to attempt some kind of repair.  I think of it as a kind of courting – a very old idea.  This isn’t about statistical hysteria, it’s about personal style.  Any other response is just not cool”.

styles of writing, the fantasy, childlike bewonderings - close to the truth, 



the lack of presence, or questioning the presence being there and not there.

the notion of care,

that intuition sticks a long time before being showed, 

laziness and slopiness

the difference about taste and intuition


is the object stll relevent? when we talk about process, is the 'magic' erased when we show only that moment of a decision? I reacts, choose it to happen something needs to get out to look at, to linger, it has the same 'value' as a 'stronger' piece as it is equally important to the proccess


Listening to what feels necessery, to what feels right to do, what touches in a way.

Inside or outside,

present or not.

Again its an animal

that with its peep, attracted my attention, What was its saying? Why was expecting it to do something?

For a nicer shot?

For a better angle a better view? It was there to be taken, with a medium this time, the camera of my phone

The film showed me being there

behind the window 

and the bird on the other side.




stranded by the storm, how nature kicks in yet again, and obliges us to notice her. It forces our paths towards soemwhere like a stream of water being blowed in one direction


The everyday sits in the transformation.

interogate the relation towards the practise

this I think I am constantly doing, sabotaging my relation sometimes, i need to bring it to a cliff to understand what these 'childrens' are screaming. 


The quality of the work, sometimes sloopy, not even sloopy, just terribly bad. but it needs to be there, what I want of the object is inimportant, it is a different story then the one I form

leaving the screen, to hold the paper


                      scan the words I encountered, retrace the sources



Psychometry (from Greek: ψυχή, psukhē, "spirit, soul" and μέτρον, metron, "measure"),[1] also known as token-object reading,[2] or psychoscopy,[3] is a form of extrasensory perceptioncharacterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.[4] Supporters assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that object's history.[4]

There is no scientific evidence that psychometry exists and the concept has been widely criticized.[4][5]

It doesn't matter, its the idea, but what is shown then? then everything be important or doesn't it? get back to the magic or show the idfferences in between, the ideas, the passivity, the thing that is not saying anything at all


I am not moved by the ornaments of churches,

But by the subtleness of human traces.

David Fleming -  Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It,

Encounter.  The act of recognising something – a person, a *practice, a *system – on its own terms; the particular character and wholeness of the other is acknowledged; *judgment and opinion about him/her/it are set in a *relevant context, rather than in the context of universal *general principle or immoveable *mindset.

To acknowledge the wholeness of a system – a woodland, a person, a planet, nature – means being aware that you are in the presence of something which has business and an agenda of its own, and which cannot be tamed by your understanding.  To see nature as a whole, as its own self, you need to approach it with the *manners of the stranger – as noted by the great ecologist, Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862):

To conceive of it with a total apprehension I must for the thousandth time approach it as something totally strange.[i]

finding and resisting