Part I: Introduction

1.1 Process and initial idea

1.2 Personal trajectory

1.3 Context of the research

1.4 Research questions and method


Part II: Analytical framework

 2.1 Harmony

 2.1.1 Harmonic reduction and improvisation

 2.1.2 Harmonic reduction of opus 110

 2.2 Formal analysis and reconstructions

 2.2.1 About formal analysis and reconstructing phrases

 2.2.2 Analysis of opus 110

 2.3 Beethoven’s textures and figurations

 2.3.1 General examples form different piano works

 2.3.2 Specific examples from the first movement of opus 110


Part III: Results

 3.1 About creating the exercises

 3.2 Initial version of exercises

 3.3 Short manual to the exercises

 3.4 Opus 110: an alternative version in the form of exercises

 3.4.1 Preparatory exercises

 3.4.2 Exercises with material form the score



 Main accomplishments

 Future work





 Online sources