3.3 Short manual to the exercises


The exercises are meant for advanced students who took classes in harmony and analysis and therefore are familiar with sonata form and harmonic progressions within this formal context. When a student of this level is about to practice the first movement of opus 110 instead of starting form the actual score straight away the idea is that the exercises will be played for around three to four weeks. After having completed the exercises one starts to practice the first movement form the score.1

The idea is to play the first part of the exercises, the preparatory exercises, daily. The exercises with material form the score are to be seen as a sequence of exercises. After having mastered an exercise of this second category one moves on to the next and after having completed a set of exercises about for example the main theme it is useful to repeat them once more.

I add some suggestions for applying texture to the harmonic framework below.

  • Four-part harmony

o Choral voicing
o Keyboard voicing

  • Figurations and accompaniment figures: