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 Emily Huurdeman 



Research Catalogue Profile:


BA Fine Art at HKU (NL) performance and video: un essay d'essayer

MA Artistic Research at UvA (NL): PER-FORM performative essay and essayistic performance 

MA Education in Art at Piet Zwart Institute (NL): Essaying Art, an unmethodological method for artistic research with the Practice tutorial Essayig Art online.

In my last MA thesis and educational project I used the performative space for essaying and a digital space for essaying. For the performative, I used the platform Café Chercher, an art café for sharing artistic research projects in an unfinished stage. For the online essaying, I used the platform of the Reseach Catalogue, the backbone of JAR, the peer-reviewed Journal of Artistic Research. 







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- who is familiar with JAR/RC?

- if so, do you have a favourite JAR/RC Article? Describe what is appealing to this article?  

- if not, I want to invite you to search on JAR/RC for an article that attracts you.

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content: theory/ practice/ writing style/  

form: layout/ structure/ media

Content forms: 

Different writing styles: lists; subtitles; scribbles; dreams; quotes; voice-recording, poetry; diary; 

Different forms: a try-out; prototype; essay; experiment; diagram; organogram; chart; mindmap; archive

Different media: video; photography; dance; theatere; music; images; text; objects; footnotes; notes


Other aspects?

analyses 5 min

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- What is missing? 

- Are there more oppurtunities? 

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and then; the winner of 2017: 

The goal of the prize is on, the one hand, to foster and encourage innovative, experimental new formats of publications and on the other hand to make more visible internationally the qualities of artistic research artefacts.


‘Trigger Place - A Game of Sound and Architecture‘

Matilde Meireles, Diogo Alvim,

best practice 5 min

Start your own exposition, I'll walk around for questions



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- make an organogram of your research and practice










- essaying: choose a point of departure; one item or subject and build around that using different types of media and knowledge


- archiving: use the page as a way to archive different types of material, moove around, order them, re-order them 

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My Pillowbook


"I keep telling students that arranging your research, text, images differently on the Research Catalogue might change the way they do and form the research. But, i am starting this process myself made me realize that I could not do this online, I need physical papers, to cut, to tear, to place and replace."

30 min = 11.45h max 

Show and tell if you like!

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