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Updated 24 February 2020

Information on this page is in English – except for some events/seminars that will be held in Swedish without translation possibilities.

1 April – SQUIRM – the making public event (without an audience)

SQUIRM, the making public event of Stacey Sacks documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis): “This Untethered Buffoon or the Trickster in Everything”.

Due to the coronavirus and the concern it creates, the making public event of Stacey Sacks documented research projects will be performed without an audience (it will be documented). We all have a responsibility to prevent the continued spread of infection, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

SQUIRM is a performance essay and the making public event of Stacey Sacks documented artistic research project (doctoral thesis). The performance will be at the Museum of Ethnography 1 April at 17:30–19:30.

Read more about the event on Facebook: SQUiRM (Live at the Museum, 2020): a simplosium of complicities.

The Public defense is on: 11 MAY 2020 at D-Teatern, Valhallavägen 189. Read more about the public defence.

Read more about Stacey Sacks doctoral research project.

17 February – 1 June – OPEN CALL VIS #5

The call is open between 17 February and 1 June 2020. The theme is “One more time, let’s do it again!”, editor Trond Lossius.

“What insights may emerge by doing something again and again, repeatedly, over a long period? We invite expositions of artistic research where “doing it again” is of importance, and we invite contributors to expose the artistic research questions, contexts, practices and outcomes in which repetition manifests itself, reflecting upon how “doing it again” may contribute to practice, to research, insights and to knowledge production.”

How to submit an exposition

To apply for the open call: create, design and submit an exposition (in draft) using the Research Catalogue (RC). You need to register a full account in RC. On the RC, click ”create exposition” and use the help offered in RC-guides, tutorials and RC-support. Submit your exposition to the VIS Portal Page in RC (in the menu, choose “Submit for publication” and then choose the portal “VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research”, confirm by “Submit”).

Checklist for submissions

We also strongly recommend you to consider the following:

Read more about the submission process!

22–24 October 2020 – ALLIANCES & COMMONALITIES

Save the date for the artistic research conference Alliances & Commonalities 2020, on 22–24 October 2020! More information coming soon.

Alliances & Commonalities 2020 website

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