[1]Emily, Dickinson and Thomas H. Johnson, (ed). Emily Dickinson: Selected Letters.Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press,1986, 91

Bian, Interview, "Orbits"


“open me carefully” - Emily Dickinson [1]

Ruby, "Orbits"


My methodology in creating a documentary film has come to be largely inspired by my teacher Bengt Bok and his techniques that he has developed over a lifetime in what he calls Process Interviews. Bok invests a massive chunk of time with interviews – sometimes over the course of years –that build upon each other, with the objective of reaching closer towards more intimacy and depth with an individual. Familiarity and trust are encouraged inside a safe, protected bubble of heightened awareness for the interviewer. Bok has created his own process which very much suits him and his style – he has an incredible professionalism with his interviewees. Over a grand period of decades, Bok has come to understand his own intuition and/or wisdom with this fruitful methodology that truly works not just for him but as I’ve experienced firsthand and seen as well with my classmates.


I. The Privilege of Listening
II. The Power of Silence
III. Trust & Intuition
IV. The Light of Vulnerability 
V. Discovery of Resilience

Karin - Interview "Orbits"