I spent my adolesence exposed to the beauty of nature, diversity and tranquility. Hawai'i has helped to color my work and style, but it is Europe and Scandinavia that has given me the support for my education and professional development.

My background is in theatre and dance and I have been exploring documentary and fiction film with a special interest in how these two genres interweave together.  I continue to pursue filmmaking because I believe it is a medium of powerful storytelling –ultimately illuminating life itself. 

Stockholm is my second home for almost six years now, while I travel back and forth between the US (Hawaii/California) and Europe. With a fascination for the Swedish culture and the progressive values that Sweden champions, I've found a home away from home in a place that continues to nurture my passion for film, the arts and activism.












Maria Karin Walczuk              


Tools of Vulnerability

Maria Karin Walczuk is a filmmaker based in Hawai'i and Sweden. She believes that films are a source for inspiration and beauty. By pursuing stories of vulnerability, resilience and profound truths - Maria strives to illuminate the darkness that life can be - contributing towards magnificient and resonating films.

Maria recognizes that mental health is a global crisis and intends to continue raising wareness with a focus on resiliency. As a director, it is Maria's wish to continue to explore both what documentary and fiction filmmaking can provide as seperate genres, but also when combined as an artform together. Utilizing her background in the arts and her love of cinema, Maria hopes to experiment more with filmmaking as a method of both understanding herself and the world. With this intention Maria further recognizes the responsibility that the platform of film requires and wishes to share inspiring stories as a means of her artistic activism.






Maria Karin Walczuk

Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola

Master's Program Film & Media

Documentary Processes