Radical Interpretations of Iconic Works for Percussion

RADICAL INTERPRETATIONS OF ICONIC WORKS FOR PERCUSSION Percussionist Kjell Tore Innervik, Composer Ivar Frounberg, Designer Maziar Raein, Experience Designer Ståle Stenslie and Music Recording Producer Morten Lindberg.

During the 3 years project, the team engaged with the music of Morton Feldmann and Iannis Xenakis. The solo percussion pieces The King of Denmark and Psappha were the point of departure.

The cd UTOPIAS (2L) contains the pure audio version of the pieces in high definition and immersive sound.

On this site you will find other interpretations and itterations of the music made the team.

The King of Denmark:

Close proxemic listening

Louder than life

The Sphere

The Sphere, 2

Pilot version of Sand patterns: Recomposed for Quartertonemarimba and computer by Ivar Frounberg

Live performance of Sand Patterns



Alene og sammen:

A musical Teaching Artistry project with and for kids, around the King of Denmark<-


Live performance on outdor stage.

The musical workshop to prepare the audience for the performance

The MA students from NMH and KHIO makes a happening based on music and architecture of Iannis Xenakis

The young musicians, CREATIVE SUMMER CAMP: Startingpoint THE MYTHS

RADICAL INTERPRETATIONS OF ICONIC WORKS FOR PERCUSSION was supported by The Norwegain Artistic Research Counsil and The Norwegian Academy of Music, as well as KHIO, AHO and NISS.