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- EVENT: Monthly public program at Nautilus (and other locations on Zeeburgereiland) with Emily Huurdeman and Barbara Neves Alves: input/ participation  


- OPEN CALL: Redesigning the Expo space at Nautilus: How can a space be participatory? proposals 


- EVENT: [RE/DIS]COVER (pdf), Stadsgesprek Building Common Spaces (pdf): speaker / participation - 27 February 


- EVENT: World Café (pdf)input / participation - 18 February 


- GAME: Go Deep, 4 days community building: participation - 29, 30, 31 March and 5, 6, 9 April


- EVENT: Meet-up's Zeeburgereifand: organization / proposals / participation


- TOUR: WeMakeTheCity, Pakhuis de Zwijger: expedition leaders (18 June) 


- EVENT / TOUR / PERFORMANCE: WeMakeTheCity, Pakhuis de Zwijger: proposals (21/22 June)