A RETROSPECTIVE SCENOGRAPHY: A survey of past events or experiences.

I observe, document, and present natural fleeting occurrences as a Retrospective Scenography: A survey of past events or experiences.

I observe from my own perspective moments of light and perception that require a specific alignment of spatial relations in order to occur.It is then unlikly that it will happen in the same way ever again. 

I document scientificallly and poetically. The documentation is visable during the presentation.

I present to a secondary spectator in two ways with consideration given to the movement and positioioning of the spectator. 

1. In Situ: Creating an indication of the fleeting occurrence within the space that it exisits.

2. In Legend: Translating and abstrating the fleeting occurrence using scenographic tools within a new space.

Along the way I ask questions about temporality, art and science, challenge my skills as a scenographer, and stay open to observing, experiencing, and questioning the natural environment around and inside me.