1. A natural decentralized system in continuous transformation in which every element is independent and connected.

2. Source of knowledge. A container with inherent knowledge which is activated by experiencing and observing movement.

3. A door to freedom. 


1. A dialogue between resistance and acceptance of gravity or similarly between control and uncertainty.

2. I do not know yet and hope I will never know.

#(to) Dance

1. To actively seek transformation through movement. To actively fall in.


1. Undo the solid organizational underlying shape of the parts within a whole. When applying to a body, a way of de-patterning, falling in, a door to the unknown.

When applying to space: visual externalization of the somatic experience of the body while falling in.

#Falling in

1. A playful dialogue between a screaming gravity and a deaf body.

2. The physical practice of becoming. Allowing the parts of the body to change, flight or move within the body without an organizational purpose but through affinities in relation to space. Always arriving.

With uncertainty

For transformation

After vulnerability

While freedom





1. A physical sensation. Experience of the independence between every element of the body to reorganize within the system, generally while falling in. When the potential of every deviation of movement feels sensible.

2. The very quick but expanded moment in which you can experience a lack of fear about uncertainty (while falling in). 


1. A manifestation of life.

2. The only way to perceive time.


1. A state of deceptive calmness. An almost non-visible movement before a visible result of the transformation.


1. Functionally, a place of transformation, similar to a street square.

2. Perceptually, the encounter between fragments of different spaces.

3. Practically, a three-dimensional space with gravitational force and a surface to fall in and grow from, where the dimension of the space allows the performer or performers to look for freedom and in which the audience has access to watch, feel or sense from a predesigned point or points of view.

4. Metaphorically, a delimited but a permeable system with a membrane that allows the system to live, like the skin of the body or the cellular membrane.


1.The ability to potentially allow transformation. A precondition to transforming the other.

2. A requirement for freedom.


by Marta Wörner