The perspective of a visual artist.

An evening sharing my research with Hans Schuttenbeld

The video document at the right side of this text shows the experience of sharing my research with Hans Schuttenbeld, visual artist. The experience took place in his studio in Rotterdam on the 26th of March of 2019. The modality I chose for sharing my research was an interactive exposition in which I could display trough the studio space some selected documentation as well as the instructions for three physical exercises. Hans was informed to navigate freely through the interface of the computer, which was guiding him to perform different actions inside the studio space.

During the session, I was present as an assistant for one of the physical exercises and as a documenter of the activity.


After the sharing moment, Hans asked me some questions that came up during the activity. To access our conversation, one can click the following audio document: 





The interaction gave insights on the modality of dissemination of my research and raised my awareness on the relevance of the research outside of the choreographic field.