Phenomenological Etudes



Project description written on the 5th of May 2019:


Etudes are compositions that have two functions: that of practice and that of art. Phenomenological etudes would then function both as practices of phenomenology and as artistic compositions. In the Research Pavilion Tuomas Laitinen will engage in creating a series of etudes that focus on the phenomenon of audience. As a starting point, the etudes take the form of letters that are addressed to visitors who wish to practice them.



Revision on the 8th of May 2019:


So far three etudes have been realized: one by myself, one in Collaboration with Charlotta Ruth and on in collaboration with Tülay Schakir. They have not remained within the theme of audience although that is one perspective that they address.


As another practice, I have been audiencing the construction and opening of the Research Pavilion, observing and participating in it as a durational performance. The notes of this audience member are here.


Etude 1


The first etude, focusing on the phenomenon of audiencing, was released on the 7th of May.


Etude 2


The second etude, on the phenomenon of rules, was created in collaboration between Tuomas Laitinen and Charlotta Ruth,

and released on the 8th of May.

Etude 3


The third etude, on the phenomenon of light, was created in collaboration between Tuomas Laitinen and Tülay Schakir,

and released on the 8th of May.

Etude 4

The fourth etude was created for the public event Research Practices on Place and it consists of ten parts. Each participant was instructed to choose one of the ten different envelopes, based on which theme (marked on the envelope) appealed to them.


etude 4.1: floor

etude 4.2: air

etude 4.3: people

etude 4.4: writing

etude 4.5: touch

etude 4.6: sound

etude 4.7: light

etude 4.8: rules

etude 4.9: destruction

etude 4.10: unknown