„N.N-Zwischenliegend“ – non-calculable time, space and body



Non-calculable time, space and body is the second part of the artistic research “N.N-Zwischenliegend.” This part consists of three main questions: How to create a documentary that is not binary proof? Is it possible to understand an artistic documentation (a work of art) as knowledge? Is it possible to conceive an artistic documentation (a work of art)? In doing so, I attempt to investigate the subject of aesthetic contemplation, which frequently relates to the cultural evolution. For this I require self-reflection on whether a work of art could be a documentation on the topics of space, time and body.


The third part of this artistic research is on spatial installation. 



The three important elements in this part are the photographs which I took in the city of Berlin, the sounds which I recorded in the city of Berlin, and the interviews with Berliners.




Memory, Border, Co-existence, Space and body, Word sense, Auditory space and visual sense, Perception and awareness

Radio broadcast:

2020 „N.N-Zwischenliegend“-Non-calculable time, space and body,

non calculable space, Time and Body Vol. 1 

Kurzstrecke 95

Feature, Hörspiel, Klangkunst, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Germany (broadcast date: February 27, 2020)