Activities at the Research Pavilion


May 6-10.2019

Research Pavilion opening


Aug 5-11.2019

Electronic Chamber Music residency at the Research Pavilion



Territories :: Dialects


Research cell at the third Research Pavilion in Venice

Lines of enquiry

Territories :: Dialects is a multifaceted research cluster converging at the third Research Pavilion in Venice. It brings together ‘Electronic Chamber Music’, a Helsinki-based live electronic quartet and Matyou Galea,  Maltese sculptor.The cell investigates zones of interface and interference between artistic practices, confronting the native territories of the cell participants with other forms of expression. While retaining each participant’s core activity and expertise, we collectively engage in a research process using, for instance, somatic techniques, sculptural and spatial approaches, conceptual framing as well as language-based processes.

The background argument is that artistic research is recharged through a transdisciplinary component. As the research extends the ensemble’s scope from music and sculpture to a larger frame of expression, to other territories, layers of analysis, translation and communication are built upon the native craft of music-making. In this way, the inner dynamics of a specialist ensemble can become apparent and tangible to other artforms as common dialects to be shared, discussed and reformulated.