Observations from the Periphery



Periphery as physical, mental and theoretical


Geographical space, Ideological space - the artwork



Is it a coincidence

That in this country [Malta]

[the word]Art means floor?


Is it a country

That in this coincidence

Floor means art?


See what I did there?



As exhilarating as it sounds

It does not appear

The pause between events

Makes time sit still

It goes nowhere

But its there

Like a loaded spring

Potential temporal energy

Waiting to be deployed

But waiting is a function of time

It depends who is watching

If no one is watching 

Time sits still

If time sit still

No one watches




Literally livid l retire

Move back, regress

Too fast, too soon

Its always ‘too’

Too loud

Too much

Too big

Too complicated

Too too too

Trying to make

Failing to make

Failing through making

Failing through succeeding

I would have given up

I should have given up

Success sets you up for failure

Success however

Unlike failure

Is temporary



You cannot be part of the landscape

And be part of it at the same time

Its an impossibility but a reality

You are always part of a landscape

Someone else's landscape at least

A landscape is a point of view

But also a pictorial code

A landscape is a picture

A picture against time

That never moves


A landscape is an artificial concept

Mainly attached to ideas of the natural

Nature is man made

It is a Western concept

A landscape therefore relates to humankind

To human activity 


The lack of it

Thyme against time


The horizon is a visual limitation

Maximum perceptual distance

It is an endless point



A measure of distance

And a measure of hope

The unknown lies beyond the horizon

No matter how far you walk towards it

You will never know what is beyond it


A landscape in portrait

Can only exist in painting

Landscape as a pictorial code 

Is a compression on distance

On a single plane

Painting however represents a landscape poorly

A landscape is in constant motion

It never lies still

But its only important when we look at it

The landscape only exists in the eye

That is why you can have a landscape in portrait


Sky, Sea

Earth, dust

Trees, concrete and tarmac

Landscape soup

The sky is at least 50% of most landscapes

Yet it will never fit in a pot

The sky is another concept

A real unreal object

It has a fixed orientation in space

On the image plane

But is made ip if the same material that surrounds you

The sky is a colour

That is why you cannot touch it

At best as you go up

It is a change in temperature

A change in state

But not in matter

The sky is an idea

Unlike a soup

On Geography


An island is not a garden

When you are tired you cannot walk inside

You cannot walk away

You cannot walk

Flowers never grow in this garden

Not for everyone

Not the same

Sometimes flowers grow on their own

Away from the sun

But you cannot touch them

Sometimes you can

But no one will ever see them 

You see these are not the same thing

However one does not exclude the other

Making and talking are separate strands

They relate but impair the function of the other

It goes without saying



Minor and major are not opposed

Identical in parts, one degree away in others

Prominence and invisibility, the larger and the smaller are equally apart

From the centre

The neutral centre

The root, the origin

Mixing modalities can be confusing

But also useful, it dislocates the centre from the centre

Allows for the minor and major to exist

To coexist

In the same space, in the same time frame

They are simultaneous, the same

Coexistence is an interesting concept

Especially if what is coexisting is the same, with a different name 

This is not a question of the pot calling the kettle black

Its a question of the pot calling the kettle a kettle

Again there is a difference between a kettle and a cattle

That throws any logic we were getting at out of the window


Between rock and a hard place: 

Sculpture Between the lines

On sonance, dissonance and resonance.

Listening is tactile, touching is aural.

Audition is structured, composite, laminated in layers of the felt and the remembered

The past colours the ear, the ear the mind

Futures are expressed in distance, and distance in time.

Something versus nothing, on or off

Everything breaks down to the absence of something

Light needs dark to be detected

Something needs nothing to stand out

Sonance needs silence

Silence is multi dimensional

No orientation, no motion neither in space nor in time


Machines feel, a machine reacts but does not attach

Attachment and awareness are elusive

Which could mean the two are related 

This could also suggest that doughnuts and armadillos are related

Because they make very useless furniture

We find links everywhere we look for them

Where there are't we make them up

Everything is imagined

Everything is imaginary

We did not bite the sun

But we could

If we wanted to

If we believe


Writing is hidden sound

It not hidden just mentally occulted

Text is the answer

Its visual sound

A cross modal abstraction

So evident

Its invisible

Like the sun

On a sunny day

We call it sunny

But we think beach, sand and ice-cream

We might think sun

But we never look at it

Until its going away

Then its too late


The future of the image

Resides in the past

The future is thus a mere memory

Of a more glorious past

Images are made that way

Vision is image

Vision is a nostalgic romance

No wonder it goes nowhere

Its cyclical

Repeating it self



I believe

In the end

Where one cannot say

Because of the freedom we have

It restricts movement

Erases history

Re writes it to someones liking

Self administered restrictions 

In the name of freedom 

In the end 

I believe


They pretend to know

To know more than you

They are unique



But so is a wart the shape of an armadillo

On your left testicle

It doesn't make it good

Or desirable

They decide

If you do is what you say you do

What you believe you do