Matthew Galea
Malta (residence)
research interests: Sculpture, Cross Media Systems, Mixed Reality Systems, Sound Art, Sound Sculpture, Social Sculpture, Hybrid Interfaces and Interaction Modalities, Interactive Art Practice, Artificial Consciousness, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Awareness, Alternative Platforms and Archives.
affiliation: Department of Digital Arts, University of Malta

Matthew (matyou) Galea (b.1986), PhD, is a hypermedia sculptor currently based on the island of Malta. His practice and research revolve around the nature of sculpture together with sculpture’s roles and responsibilities in the 21st century. Based at the Department of Digital Arts within the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences at the University of Malta, Galea currently conducts research on the intersection between software and sculpture, error based practices and aesthetics as well as the notion of sonic sculpture. Sculpture as understood by Galea becomes an interface to connect objects, materials and technologies in dynamic and fluid manner across multiple artistic disciplines whilst remaining true to the tradition and legacy of sculptural practice. Galea has presented his ‘sculptural situations’ in numerous international conferences and universities as well as galleries and exhibition venues internationally.


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