Game design:

Mapping standarsised, mass-produced moments of existence,


Observations from the periphery

Malta and Helsinki - respectively southern and northern peripheral extremities of the European Union.


What does the periphery have to say at the current era?


Artistic forefront has traditionally been engendered by major urban centres. Historically identified artistic currents are often associated with such centres, and in contemporary discourse one often points to the "scene" of a given city. In music-related discourse, one may even refer to the "sound" of a given city as an aurally identifiable entity.


Hyperbola - Hypothesis:

Strom clouds have gathered on Western socio-political model of organisation.


Centralised democracy is under threat of networked media-trolling by radical or malveillant agencies.


Separatist ideologies gain ground and reshape the geopolitical stage.


Within tight market-power grip, Europe is sleepwalking into the environmental crisis.


The big European metropoles have become alienating, segmented and polluted hives, where the swarms of optimised-productivity workforce commute in massed tubes, each celebrating their own individuality while browsing their feeds.


The metropoles are now starting to lose inhabitants (Paris reported in Oct 2019).


The days of iconic arts-stars and movements are gone. Stockhausen died in 2007.


The network is democratising knowledge and information - one doesn't have to be in a specific place in order to get access to a specific body of knowledge or a specific community.



The conditions are gathered for a reorganisation of the artistic tissue as a network of peripheries.


What does that mean to us in concrete terms?


How to organise oneself?


How to create coherency?


How to create real communication, in opposition with online status reports, and in aknowledgement of flying as a major ecological problem? (FInland -> world's second record of flight-related co2 per capita).


Think globally, act locally?