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- Zum Thema Körpermodernität, Leitmotiv Autonomie

- Zur Forschungsfrage

- "Site-specific" Art und Installation zu erforschen (Research context and Objectives)

Entity (Wesen) in the research context is concerned with the probability in life (body and space) and their possibility of time. Therefore its outcome is something. Something in life is being always, it is a life, there is probability like X in life (body and space) and Y is its possibility of time. In the research, ƒ is in a research question in which the objectives are respected.

My research objectives relate to the research context which is the exploring of the meta-physics life-Being (Wesen) in Today's society (in regards to the social context). Consequently I explore my own creative logic in the subject of probability in a life (body in a space) and its possibility of Time explicitly.


contemporary space strategy

(Neo-) representational contemporary space strategy

Focus: Art as Ethics – Arti-fact is not a Botschaft.

noumenon in 2020 – Aesthetic Experience?



private bildnerische Eigenschaft (Individutalität)

im Kontext der Gesellschaft 



A procedure from awareness to knowledge


What is pleasure for us which is an important element x in our life?

If things (Dinge) are ugly, or moreover, if something wriggles in things, is it something in what?

Logik der bildnerischen Sprache / Repräsentation

Autonomie in einer Foundation