Due to my research leitmotif and topics on time, space and body in audio and visual sensory works, these artists are important in my Ph.D. artistic research. Consequently, I will research feministic approach from an aspect of third-gender in Arts. We have two types of sex in DNA (sex chromosomes) that are female (XX) and male (XY), but for gender as roll, as well as gender-equality (the second sex) in a society, my idea is from the aspect of third-gender, especially for unisex, which focuses more on personality and individual ability.


- Third gender unisex (co-existence) – Third sex (XY, XX, XXY, ...) 

 -> Klinefelter syndrome (KS)

 -> Environment


Natural logics into own auditory creative logic (consciousness and awareness): Schönberg, Schaeffer, Lucier

Relevent Artists



John Cage

Lucien Castaing-Taylor    

Approach from the Aspcect of Anthropology

My approach

Max Eastley

Félix González-Torres

Natural logics into own visual creative logic (consciousness and awareness): Hokusai, Klee, Magritte

Visual arts


Marcel Duchamp