A perfect white pet 



This piece is a human auto-ethnography relating to Sunesson's time spent asa first time mother and a housewife in the UK. The work examines the longterm  effects of mainstream culture, capitalist ideals and consumerism in human relationships and motherhood.

A perfect white pet was commissioned by Fylkingen as part of Sunesson being awarded the Åke Hodell scolarship grant in 2007 and had its world premier at Fylkingen Anniversary in 2008.

THE WHITE SUITE is a trilogy consisting of three text-sound pieces – and a video work – about ”the City, the Home and the Human being” created between 2004 and 2008.  

The series highlights neoliberal thematics such as alienation, individualism, homelessness, fear, racism and capitalism, materialism and consumption. 

The journey sets off in Sunesson’s then home town Stockholm, addressing Europe and all Western societies. 


The works are semi-fictional, based on extensive research, field recordings and documentary interviews with people at all levels of society.





Anaglypta was created while Sunesson lived in a council estate in South Queensferry, a previously prosperous village located outside of Edinburgh in Scotland, today battling with poverty, segregation and heroin addiction, in the aftermath of the Thatcher era. 

The work is auto-ethnographical and made from the hidden, inside place of the flat, offering the perspective of “the outsider looking in” to an alien surrounding. 

It is based on field recordings, interviews and overheard stories from the neighborhood as well as text scraps found behind the old, flaking wallpaper, inside the flat.

Anaglypta was commisioned by Radio Sweden P1 and had its broadcast premier in 2006.

Commissioner & curator: Magnus Florin

Död stad, vit stad (Dead city, white city) 



The two top politicians leading Stockholm at the time, Annika Billström (socialdemocrat) and Kristina Axén-Ohlin (right wing, conservative), are playing the main characters in this alternative saga of the shimmering, white city of Stockholm exploring the concept of finding a HOME in the new, exclusive city. 

Död stad, vit stad (Dead city, white city) was commissioned by Concerts Sweden and had its world premier at the 40th Anniversary celebration of EMS, which was also broadcasted live at Radio Sweden P2.

Hands up! Jag skjuter! (Hands up! I’ll shoot!)



Who is welcome in the new City – and who is not?

Hands up! Jag skjuter! echoes from the muffled subterrain of the Stockholm underground and its people and offers a chilling preview of the present situation in Sweden and the world today.

The piece emerged from a number of political actions such as increased surveillance and security designed to clear the Stockholm underground of its beggars and homeless.

The storyteller in the piece is the then head of safety of the Stockholm underground (SL). Other characters are various members of the public, leading politicians and representatives of the global corporate commuter train business, Connex.

Hands up! Jag skjuter! was commissioned by Concerts Sweden and had its world premier at the festival Sweden New Music in 2006.