Prof. Dr. Etsuo Fujii and Prof. Dr. Hideko Fujii, after this exploring, especially Prof. Dr. Etsuo Fujii had explored the Corrosion and rust of the substance as well as Material protection from acid rain.

Who had given him this question and donated him for his research at the beginning that was my grantfather (He was an engineer and had worked at the Labor of the Hiroshima University in the 1950s.) in Hiroshima in the 1960s, later Prof. Dr. Etsuo Fujii had received the grant for his research project as well as prize. 


Who is working for the solution of the nuclear problem in Fukushima, for them, the energy company and stats have to give the high salary and the better condition for the health care, also in Today's agriculture.

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Analog Photograph and Collage

"A series of series" on elemental time and space, Erika Matsunami, 2016 –2017

A series of series

From threefoldness to multi-foldness, On time, space and body

"A series of series"_01 on elemental time and space, Erika Matsunami, Berlin, 2017

Silberhalogenide, Original Aufnahme von Prof. DSc. (Dr. rer. nat.) Etsuo Fujii, um 1960, Japan, Analog Photography (S/W Film) transfer to digital Photography by Erika Matsunami in 2017.


Same Elements, different conditions, from four to five dimensional space

Currently in archiving.

Research Method in this practical exploring:

In this practical exploring, what is the most important that my physical condition, during medical treatment and I couldn't use my right hand in 2016. I had unusual pain. I had to explain the doctor, but I could not to describe, in doing so, I started to draw for regarding to the pain in my body from time to time. 

I had to take a drug, but it was a very little, because I didn't want to take it much and ask the doctors for another possiblity of the medical treatment. I discussed with the doctors about the quantity of drug and my body capacity, thereby they examined my body (organ), before to start the medical treatment. After the medical examination and the diagnosis, I agreed with their medical treatment for next two years. Without any operations, it was successful.

Therefore the medical datas are my personal datas that are only for a paper in the academic research. Later, I'd like to write a paper in the subject of art and medicine in terms of the subject of the research by Thomas Fuchs. I cannot believe the young generation of the world politic and economic, due to today's fascistic politicians in the world are younger than me/us. I think that I (we) have to organise for my generation by myself (ourself),  when we would be old, such as medical care for dementia. Art is  through life and into the life, I mean that Art is not Technology, as well Technology is not the art.

1. Collage: On cemical reaction in the different conditions, its time and space.

Nature and its randomly, and the process of how to control (Human's idea)

2. Drawing: Self-observation of own body. (Pain, in the communication with the brain, how I recognise it.)

Reductionism is any of several related philosophical ideas regarding the associations between phenomena which can be described in terms of other simpler or more fundamental phenomena.[1]

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy suggests that reductionism is "one of the most used and abused terms in the philosophical lexicon" and suggests a three part division:[2]

  1. Ontological reductionism: a belief that the whole of reality consists of a minimal number of parts.
  2. Methodological reductionism: the scientific attempt to provide explanation in terms of ever smaller entities.
  3. Theory reductionism: the suggestion that a newer theory does not replace or absorb an older one, but reduces it to more basic terms. Theory reduction itself is divisible into three parts: translation, derivation and explanation.[3]

Reductionism can be applied to any phenomenon, including objects, explanations, theories, and meanings.[3][4][5]

To control, regulate, adjust, or modulate (regulieren) Chaos: 

I have Data of these things and matter.

Research Quetions:

What are some differences?

What do Variations means?

These drawings gave me an idea for assemblage (different times in a space.), which drawings were not 'linkeness' (Abbild) of 'things' (Dinge) or 'matter' (Stoff), but rather I started to analyze 'things' (Dinge).

Today's scientific image (Graphic representation) such as by NASA is the analysis of 'things' (Dinge), which is not 'linkeness' (Abbild) of 'things' (Dinge).

Collage, Water colour on paper, 49 x 69 cm, Berlin, 2017

B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから work in progress, Berlin, 2017

Drawing and Collage

Drawing by left hand, colour pencil on paper, 29 x 42 cm, 2016, Berlin

B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから work in progress, Berlin, 2016

Drawing by left hand, colour pencil on paper, 29 x 42 cm, Berlin, 2016


"A series of series" on biological time and space, Erika Matsunami, 2017–2019






Zeichnung, Serie Körpermodernität
"Qu'est-ce que c'est?", Colour pencil on paper, 59 x 84 cm, 2019, Berlin

"A series of series" on biologic time and space, Erika Matsunami, 2019–



Neue Begrifflichkeit und neu Sinn im 21. Jahrhundert



Phi in our daily life:

- A sentence in first-order logic.

- In perceptual psychology, the phi phenomenon is the apparent motion caused by the successive viewing of stationary objects, such as the frames of a motion picture.

- In probability theory, φX(t) = E[eitX] is the characteristic function of a random variable X.

- An angle, typically the second angle mentioned, after θ (theta). Especially:

Magnetic flux in physics

- The letter phi is commonly used in physics to represent wave functions in quantum mechanics, such as in the Schrödinger equation and bra–ket notation: ⟨ ϕ | ψ ⟩ {\displaystyle \langle \phi |\psi \rangle } \langle \phi |\psi \rangle .

- The golden ratio 1 + 5 2 ≈ {\displaystyle {\tfrac {1+{\sqrt {5}}}{2}}\approx } {\tfrac {1+{\sqrt {5}}}{2}}\approx 1.618033988749894848204586834... in mathematics, art, and architecture.

Euler's totient functionφ(n) in number theory; also called Euler's phi function.

- The cyclotomic polynomial functions Φn(x) of algebra.

- In algebra, group or ringhomomorphisms

- In probability theory, ϕ(x) = (2π)12ex²/2 is the probability density function of the normal distribution.






Kognitive Neurowissenschaft



Research question:

Thesis by Benjamin's and others

When you look at this relief, for what in this relief is your attention?