We like to doze off over here, get out of my kingdom tax administrators!!!


The house got the better off me, I cry in the shower.


You are trapped in the house. It is your permanent fallback state. When you leave you always have to return.

The house shapes your mind and becomes an extension of it.

You are in the house in your mind in the house.


Your limbs cannot enter through the front door, you will have to find a way to walk with your brain i guess.

Do, please reconsider your entry into each space of accommodation offered. 


┻┳|closing now|┳┻

┳┻|_          _|┻┳

┻┳|ω)    (•ω•|┳┻

┳┻|         \|┻┳

┻┳|          |┳┻


We’ll say goodbye sometime.


Please take off your shoes before you enter.