On behalf of the participants in the Exhibition Research Lab (ERL) 2020, and teacher Tatjana Macic, the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice welcome you to the exhibition.
As Real As You Want
Opening: Thursday May 28 5-8 P.M. CET
Where: Research Catalogue, indefinitely
Opening takes place on the KABK Instagram
Exhibition is made in the Research Catalogue: on the edge of the physical and virtual world.
The Exhibition Research Lab is an elective course and is a part of the Art Research Programme of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice at KABK. 
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the students decided to make the exhibition online in the Research Catalogue. Working from Singapore, South Korea, Greece, Bulgaria, Japan, Canada, and the Netherlands, they engaged in an experimental collaborative process, that resulted in the online version of As Real As You Want. We are very proud of their achievement and fast thinking while dealing with an unpredictable situation in their studies!

Participating artists are students from the Bachelor Fine Arts and the Master Photography & Society: Juwon Lee, Bo Wielders, Marta Iwanek, Iver Uhre Dahl, Natsumi Sakai, Ryan Lim Zi Yi, Robin Pieterse, Yannis Androulakis, Todor Rabadzhiyski, Nurul Ain Binti Nor Halim, Lui MacRae Wolstencroft and Alexander Peter Lorenzo Koch.

Keep an eye on our Instagram account for more information and  please join us for the opening on Instagram on Thursday 28 May 17-20h


The Cupboard:

The cupboard houses tools of routine repetition. They are repetitive actions that promise a result only when they are maintained. 

When they end, they leave no result. Ostriches bury their heads and dogs chase their tails, yet the danger does not leave, and the tail is never reached.


Robin Pieterse

Controle Room:

Welcome to the Controle Room...

Take off your skin and hang it on the coat hanger.
Please take off your shoes, the floor is soft and I just cleaned it.
It has been a rough day but you can sit back now and watch the world go by in front of the eyes.
The walls are pink and soft, they move as if they are breathing. 

The events of today have left some damage on the surface, but they are starting to heal now. Just remember to not pick the scabs. They will leave scars.
You look at tomorrow's skin. Who are you going be? It's your decision.


Juwon Lee

Home Theater:

After Corona virus appeared, the presence of the Internet and virtual reality are becoming more apparent in our lives. People who cannot go outside are finding the way to continue their live on the virtual world. People are doing work, having classes, talking to friends, watching movies online. I feel like sometimes I am stuck with a screen all the time but still looking for something interesting in there. 


In the Home theatre, you can see a collective of disconnected video clips with black background. Each clip is gathered from daily life and images from animations, they are weaved together without chronological order. 


Ryan Lim and Bo Wielders


Here, at the window, we have had a digital dialog for a month. Researching the platform and the possibilities of having a personal and valuable interaction through sharing thoughts and references in the online realm. The conversation is over and we took the content with us. What is left are two texts written in reaction to our dialog, the platform, the exhibition; the time we spend near the window. 


Yannis and Bo


If  “a” whole, equal to an “a” concept, wherein the concept itself stands for the concept it represents (where concept equal to concept) the whole (as mentioned above), lacks of general sense and therefore only speculations can be raised in regard to the whole itself.  In such a case the appropriation of language under the use of the written word or gestures seems to be unfolding in both time and space as given by the circumstances.


Natsumi Sakai

Hallway and Staircase:

It takes place in hallways, staircases - the ‘in-between’ places. In the place for movement for a number of residents, the figures stay rooted.


Todor Rabadzhyski


The toilet as commonly accepted private space, objectified by the model of our digestive existence. As a reflection of virtual embodiment, we adapt the social-cultural concept and reshaped it, according to social norms or goals. A poetic analogy of the shifted from the physical environment to the experiencing of body interventions. 


Nurul Ain Binti Nor Halim

In the corner:

In the corner, there is an ongoing archive of phone calls. Each attempt to tell Ma of my wrongdoings within our faith.

Longing for connection yet struggling due to guilt. Maybe one day. Or is telling her my 'sins' even necessary?




Studio Basement:


In the Basement Studio the LUzA CULT are hard at work composing pseudo-grunge Rap masterpieces.

Too complete this work Lui Surreal is releasing a solo, non-profit single and music video for the occasion - TOP BRAND!

Much like their musical process, and the world at large, this virtual space is augmented by the flux of the internet. A diaspora of Music, Paintings, archival images and text collide to create an audio-visual overload. A juxtaposition of Alternative HipHop, Rave Culture with the aesthetics of early social-medias. 

Here Lui reflects on friends, works and experiences that have shaped his practice, as well as the meta-physical impact of growing up in the Internet age. A Post Human time where everything and everyone is either a brand or branded and the media evokes a passive mass paranoia. 


Alexander Peter Lorenzo Koch




The Kitchen is home to ideas, ideas that didn’t have to go further than the original drawing, pages stitched together with their own digital laws. 

 These ideas took form on the pages of a book called “ À la recherche du temps perdu” by Marcel Proust. I admired the quality of the object itself, treating each page like a single entity but also as building blocks to experiencing drawing in a new way.

 As the ideas merge and transform into soil, a passage is born from the screen of a computer, leading to more obscure ideas, hidden in caves, with different purposes. 

 Creating a tunnel between reality and the virtual space, bringing physically enveloped drawings or objects, to then convert them to visual data and finding a new place for them to grow in something wider and more complete.




  Lui MacRae Wolstencroft is in the garden re-wilding and cultivating the virtual scorched earth of the webpage. The Research Catalogue - A website designed for publishing refined and often sterile text based works is approached with an organic research grounded in the observation of Nature.

  The individual works curated here are for the most part collaborative. In this sense the space becomes a shared garden for his extended community where everyone makes contributions towards a more diverse series. 

Space on the Internet is, by some measure, infinite and in many ways insignificant compared to space/land on Earth. Instead of limiting the visuals presented to a strict and direct body of work Lui chooses to collage his photographs to form a new kind of soil for growth. 

  The centre piece is a film titled INACCURATE GAZE made in collaboration with Yujia Wu, Mischa Lind and Aiyim Zhaishylyk. The piece was originally screened at the EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam in February but is embedded within the website to find a new meaning and a new life!  



The Cupboard:

In the series, One Hour of Sunlight on My Balcony, photographer Marta Iwanek documents the passage of time through mundane moments during her three weeks spent in self-isolation upon returning to Canada from The Netherlands during the COVID pandemic.