Holographic sink 2022

Holographic non- local spout,

you are as same so fluid

just like a

slo-mo drop.

You are seeking all the hidden spots

and interlinking all the narrow beams of lights.

Illuminates all my spatial virtualities,

broadcasting everything,

even the dictator's valuables.

But your defensive mechanism is

not so hollow as I thought,

you always interchange

all the universal rhythms rules

in ultra-violence jokes.

Series of moments,

sealing on between the appropriative perception of time,

you felt so strong but reflect so weak,

in the interpretations of the present minds.

Holonomy Lazer webs are weaving fine-fibered dendritic impulses of trembling hopes.

Calls from the underworlds are trying to enfold,

electromagnetic quantum laws.

Kaleidoscopes Reflections transform to the capacity of 3dimentional imaginations.

Experience the deepness of the for Implicit order,

the feeling is like you are in the womb of David Bohm's unborn daughter.

Postponed feelings 2020

Click quick, postponing your body feelings

Let’s spend another day of dreaming

Thinking about the simulation which one day will end,

All the generations’ health.

Everything will be there,

Our thoughts and dreams and nothing will be pure or clean.

You will see it with one eye and will invert the truth in lies.

How mid-gray it will possibly will be a life of mixed realities’.

Your realm is becoming larger and now it again it is smaller lower a

And on the end, there is none to admire

Click quickly the time in cyberspace it’s still tricking faster … slower.

I’m still drinking only the half of glass of water.

Everything becomes so logic at some point that

That maybe we all want to trap ourselves in each other’s voids,

But can we possibly stop to listen when empathy is the first step to wisdom?

How to split your thoughts and brain when everything will be back the same, one day.

Scrams and regulation, power structures, mass probation.

And is the technology is grasping or we are just scared of never lasting?

I try to transcript all the meaning and to aestheticized human dealings.

How to face what’s going on, while some drones were taking pictures of the neighbor’s wall?

Consuming balance was my goal but with every try, I feel I more and more barricade my soul.

Postponed feelings are a state that at some point we all need to accelerate.

Ventilated billing 2024

Airflow dope,

Plane mode on,

fastening off my belt.

Testing the capacity of millennials'strong gravity.

Facing to the inflate a lifeboat,

we are walking pretty much blindfolded.

Tight to our phones, everyone is turning their screens, from light to the dark mode.

Then we tell that were broadly bored closing eyes in front of the future frauds.

Cropping already photoshop faces,

eliminate applied past phases.

Confessing all of the guilty moods,

extrovertedly too some unknown ghosts.

The boost of these climax feelings

scared even the most unlit demons.

But posthumans as just so mystic and exotic,

like the next top five pro-biotics.

Switching sim cards, playing Baselbasket.

Looks like John Rockefeller is still the father of the new Art market.

Air conditioning the turf breathing, electrify the hard lows into reasonable high living

The Danakil Desert cistern 2021

Big tectonic movements.

Living logic in the hug of salty reasons,

Gazing structures of annotations, with no possibility for living organisms.

No chromosomes, or simple plants,

not even struggle or even something bland.

Cosmic hights are running. 122 and five degrees Fahrenheit are flaming.

381 feet down below.200mm rain shoots, passing trough

some evaporating drops.

Expose the large geological depression, we unconsciously are forming the new regression.

Let's glorify the new order,

Miss Anthropocene is waiting behind the corner.

All this time we can stop spinning,

hiding between the clouds of smokes vacuumed meanings.

Milky way has sent us lawyers to prevent the convicted absence on the human's borders.

14°14′30″N 40°18′00″E / 14.2417°N 40.3°E / 14.2417;

This is a transmission of effectiveness,

mold, and relocating us.

For the thousand times on Mars.

Realm of reinforcement searchings, frequencies of mental burnings.

The delirium conversation within the self,

remolding out, the verbs in nervous wealth.

So it true that we all craving to gaze, like

The Danakil Desert tabular savings.