In order to research

"how to create deceptive appearances and

affect spectators' perception about space,

I started this collection

of altered reality moments

using as tools

a mirror,

a miniature boat and my body.

Method of collecting

I see my tools as upsetters that enter reality scenes,

alter them in multiple ways

and create virtual spaces where stories can settle in.

While collecting I am also exploring and discovering new ways of

altering these reality landscapes. These ways suggest how the

collection should grow and in which direction.






(miniature ship)


But there was that day when I passed by this window and I wondered what else they can do.



Which are their secret powers?

"Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them." 


Albert Einstein

They are everywhere ,

they are objective, explicit and truthful. 

We are so used to them. 


They don't surprise us anymore.

They are just part of our routine.

We are aware of them and their reflective power.

We encounter them every morning.


They exist as meeting points

with ourselves. 



They are deeply immersed in illusions and dream images; their eye glides only over the surface of things and sees "forms"; their feeling nowhere lead into truth, but contents itself with the reception of stimuli, playing, as it were, a game of blindman's buff on the backs of things.


Fr. Nietzsche

Powers / Potentials

Eliminate the distance and bring things together

Become transparent 

Reflect light

Narrate surrealistic stories by reflecting the actual

Depending on relations and positions

Blend background and forground

Produce motion (even if it is still)


( Notes of the collector)

to reaveal




not to reveal ?




to be continued ...