Master Research Presentations 2020

On this page, you can find links to various master research presentations from the 2020 Master Research Symposium at the Royal Conservatoire, which had to be organised online due to the Corona crisis. In addition to the presentations, all students have also submitted (written) documentation in the form of an exposition or thesis, some of which can be found here. For the presentations of 2021, click here.

Some of the presentations are available publicly, whereas others are only available after logging into the Research Catalogue with an account that is linked to the Royal Conservatoire Research Portal. Please feel free to have a look!

Public presentations

Masako Awaji: Improvising variations on the spot

David Carmona Navarro: The language of jazz violinists applied to works of jazz-inspired composers

Ricardo Costa Oliveira: Theatrical Music for contemporary percussion

Laura Ginström: Singing and Well-being - The Experiences of Professional Choir Singers

Christina Kwon: 16th-Century Keyboard Tablature as Performance Notation: From Spanish and German Sources

Sara Maganzini: Sound identity of a wind band

Blanca Maria Martínez Vilanova: Simplicity of strong emotion: study on the performance style of Frederic Mompou

Dorota Matejová: The Limits of Traverso: Exploring the sound possibilities of traverso through contemporary music

Angelica Meza: A discourse on the basset horn between 1770 -1850 in Vienna and German-speaking countries

Oksana Mukosii: Viola speaks! Collaboration between violist and composer with the incorporation of electronics and the viola

Michele Pazzini: Composing with the view of a drummer

Juan Peralta Torrecilla: The All-in-One digital practice tool

Carlotta Pupulin: Angelical music: XV-XVII century music from the New World through the strings of the Spanish harp

Nicolas Roudier: The horn of Leutgeb and Mozart: investigation and experimentation

Kassandra Siebel: The effect of Mindfulness Meditation on Music Performance and Practice

Presentations available within the KC Research Portal

Aimée Hautvast: Gestures and their role in restoring a singer’s performance-focus

Anna Lachegyi: From the forest to the concert hall

Rikki Wolpowitz: An Organological Approach to the History of the Flauto Piccolo using a Pre- and Post-Beethoven Analysis, Including the Complete Study of Beethoven’s Implementation of the ‘Ottavino’