Table of Contents


1. Introduction


2. Relevant anatomical information


3. The Correspondents


4. Recovering and maintaining our health


5. Conclusion


6. References


7. List of images and tables


Why are my hands in pain?

 Identifying and understanding percussion-related injuries and their recovery.




Helgi Þorleiksson

Master's Thesis


University of Bergen, Faculty of Art, Music and Design.

14 May2020


   This research project comes after many years of struggling with overuse hand injuries and trying to get back to my pre-injured self. While my story with injuries is not as tragic as many others’, it has still deprived me of artistic opportunities and been an obstacle in the way of my artistic development countless times.

   With this research project, my goal is to help and educate those who may be dealing with injuries or pains related to percussion performance. Avoiding the mistakes I have made and steering clear of some obvious practise and recovery pitfalls can have a huge impact on someone’s career prospects. 

   While I am not a doctor, the research I have done has given me a good view into the field of medicine and sports science. I believe this can be used to benefit others. All the following information is validated by peer-reviewed research and medical professionals.

   Disclaimer: If you have an injury that is causing pain and/or immobalisation, seeking proper medical help is crucial.