5. CONCLUSION                   





   Overuse injuries for the percussion participants all showed a similar onset. Muscle fatigue and too rapid changes in practice and/or playing habits, seem to play a key role. Further study is required on how much risk is associated with quick changes in playing and if there are training methods to avoid  these problems.


   It is clear that injuries are a problem in the world of musicians. But the lack of data applying sports recovery techniques to musicians is severely lacking. I would suggest further research into what kind of education music university programs provide on training and general health. The scientific literature shows quite clearly that recovery and performance can be enhanced with proper training and recovery methods.


   I believe this project has shed light on number of issues thought to be fact but turn out to be unproven.

1. You use it or you lose it. Percussionists need to be more respectful of the physicality of their instruments and be careful not to underestimate the risk of going rapidly between instruments. Jumping between instruments too quickly leaves us susceptible to injury.

2. General fitness only has positive effects on our mental and physical state which can only improve our ability to perform well for extended years.

3. Musicians trail athletes when it comes to caring for their bodies. However, both musicians and athletes rely on their bodies for their livelihood.