Investigating the impact of Electroacoustic Music in Greek Culture, through a portfolio of Electroacoustic Music works based on original recordings of Traditional Greek Instruments.


My research explored how different electroacoustic music compositional methods could be implemented in two acousmatic compositions which were related to recordings emerging from Traditional Greek Instruments.

The links corresponding to my compositions are provided in [Table 1].


A list of what is considered to be Greek culture in sound (Sand imagery (Ias used in my portfolio, is presented in [Table 2].


[Table 2] A list of what is considered to be Greek culture in sound (S) and imagery (I) as used in my portfolio.


Recording Equipment


[Table 1] Links and alternative playback widgets corresponding to my compositions.


1. Chromatocosmos (2014, 17'37, stereo, fixed – media)


2. ElectroSantouri (2016, 14'12, stereo, fixed – media)


✓2 AKG Perception 150 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones: Chromatocosmos and ElectroSantouri


[Figure 1] AKG Perception 150 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


 Chromatocosmos undertakes an exploration of the sounds of a traditional Greek instrument called baghlamas.


ElectroSantouri explored the soundworlds of a traditional Greek instrument called santouri.

The composition of these works addressed the following research questions:


1. How can real-world source sound materials be transformed variations into new identities?

2. In which ways can the concept of “cultural identity” be expanded within an acousmatic work?