Land of the Sirens

• MANTIS Sonification Festival and Symposium 2018, Martin Harris Centre, Manchester, March 4th 2018

• MANTIS Festival, Beer Nouveau, October 28th 2018

• DIFFRAZIONI Multimedia Festival, Le Murate PAC | Progetti arte contemporanea, Firenze, March 27th 2019

• ICMC 2019 / NYCEMF 2019, New York University – New York City, June 17th 2019

• Leeds Festival “Echochroma XVIII” – Leeds Beckett University (Leeds School Of Arts), Leeds, October 9th 2019

• Days of Electroacoustic Music, Athens Conservatory, Athens, November 29th 2019

• TAMA Music Festival, Meisei University, Tokyo, January 12th 2020

• MUSLAB 2020 – La Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica, Lisboa Incomum, Lisbon, April 9th 2020



 MANTIS Festival, Martin Harris Centre, Manchester, March 5th 2016

• MANTIS Festival, Martin Harris Centre, Manchester, March 5th 2017

• MA/IN Festival, Duni Conservatory, Matera, December 5th 2017

• EASTN-DC: European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, Manchester, June 28th 2018

• MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick: Bushwick Open Studio Festival of New Electro-Acoustic Works, Brooklyn NY, September 30th 2018

• Ecos Urbanos Electroacoustic Music Festival, Escuela Superior de Música, Mexico City, November 22nd 2018

• WOCMAT 2018 Conference: Electroacoustic Music Concert, National Chiao Tung University - Guangfu Campus, Hsinchu city of Taiwan, December 7th 2018

• MUSICA NOVA 2018: Electroacoustic Music Competition (First Prize in Category A) - The Concert of Laureats, Divadlo Inspirace, Prague, December 14th 2018

• DIALOGUES FESTIVAL, Saint Cecilia’s Hall – The University of Edinburgh

(Sound Diffusion by: Professor Pete Stollery), Edinburgh, February 19th 2019

• DIFFRAZIONI Multimedia Festival, Le Murate PAC | Progetti arte contemporanea, Firenze, March 26th 2019

• Musiques & Recherches: An Acousmatic Spatialized Concert - Espace Senghor – Centre Culturel d'Etterbeek (Sound Diffusion by: Professor Annette Vande Gorne), Brussels, March 18th 2020

• Frontwave New Music Festival 2020, Palm Beach Atlantic University: Music, Dance & Fine Arts (PBA) – West Palm Beach – Florida, March 26th 2020 - March 28th 2020

• NYCEMF 2020 – New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival – New York University and the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture – New York City, June 14th 2020 - June 21st 2020