The Asteroid Belt, online component of the "Hairy Blob" exhibition, designed by Channel TWo. The exhibition was curated based on one drawing in the time series, at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, in 2012

these are the hairy blob beginnings

Time drawings, 23" x 23", 2008, Banff Art Centre residency: 'Making Artistic Research Visible' 

this is the hairy blob exhibition

Hairy Blob

curator: Adelheid Mers

curatorial assistant: Leah Oren


Becky AlprinNadav AssorDeborah BoardmanAshley Hunt in collaboration with Taisha Paggett, Sarah FitzSimons, Judith LeemannKirsten LeenaarsFaheem MajeedEmily Newman 


this is the hairy blob story

this is the hairy blob shape


The Time Poster is also cheat sheet for the Hairy Blob performance lecture.

The Prepared Whiteboard, used for the Hairy Blob performance lecture, first presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, as part of Without you I'm nothing - Interactions, March 2011.


collecting the pieces

Needed: a number of people who are willing to retell the hairy blob story on video.