On September 19, the authors of the symposium contributions met for a set of round-table discussions. These were not meant for presenting the works again, which has been accomplished beforehand through the RC pages, instead we wanted this to be a nice opportunity to meet and discuss the contributions. The proposals have been put into three groups roughly along thematic proximity.

Round Table #1


Dragica Kahlina

Game Audio as an Autonomous System


Tom Mudd

Algorithms and Agency in Electronic Music: Three Recent Projects


Daniele Pozzi

Relating Sound Algorithms and Concrete Spaces: Two Recent Works


Oswaldo Emiddio Vasquez Hadjilyra

Material Composition


Moderation: David Pirrò


Keywords: yielding control, decision making, black boxes, agency, artificial life, authorship, modal synthesis, models and their limit/failure, simulation, autonomy and boundaries, simplicity, conceptual retroaction

Round Table #2


Luc Döbereiner and David Pirrò

Contingency and Synchronization


Steffen Krebber

The Modernist Anticlock


Ron Kuivila

Hearing Changes: Listening to the Air, The Fifth Root of Two, Sparkline (with acceleration)


Stefano Zorzanello

Copernicus Listening. Creative Survival Strategies and Techniques in the World of Sounds


Moderation: Hanns Holger Rutz


Keywords: complicity between multiple agents and with materiality, sharing and working together, opacity/transparency, affect and expression, engagement with the environment, continuity and discreteness, active listening, everyday life, space and site, interactive experimentation, notation and navigational aids, role of algorihms, synchronisation

Moderation: Daniele Pozzi
Keywords: writing with/for computers, coding and composing algorithms, computer language, designing predicaments, intent, surprise, poetic use of abstractions, instability, ritual, metaphors of writing, sound synthesis and rewriting, division of labour and construction vs experimentation, micro/macro scale, coupling different systems based on similar principles, steering, spatio-temporal rupture, rest and continuation, opposition of and boundary between terms, ambiguity of the digital, loss in translation (old/new), conjunction of elements, resistance and reflection of otherness, when something becomes interesting, material?
Concluding discussion begins at 56'