Re-assembly inspires our work, as a way of luring materiality, as well as luring our playful human selves into networks with nonhuman forces that will in turn pull threads from us.


{keywords: [assemblage, materiality]}

Rewa Wright and Simon Howden


Making a Software Assemblage with Plants-Bodies-Data


How can we re-figure networks to create other kinds of relations with the nonhuman? Plants and data pass through our hands but we do not control them, they have space in the software assemblage to re-assemble our intentions. Yet, configured by us, algorithms and sensors react in a certain way that gives them a space, an opening. Are we putting too much ‘intention’ into their gestures? Are we falsely figuring this network with ourselves as subordinates? Can a more equal relationship with data and plants bring about greater fluidity in the human ‘form’? Given than we are complicit in it, are we even capable of enacting ‘formings’ that might challenge preconceptions of self and cause discomfort to the established strata of human control.


{keywords: [network, relationships, plants, data, intention, gesture, form, control]}

Signaletic Flow 2.0, Rewa Wright & Simon Howden.

Film made with live mixed reality performance elements.


This research develops techniques for affectively co-composing with expressive conjunctions of augmented materials (both digital and organic), including: recursive strategies for modulating digital augments using touch; amplifications of bio-electrical data from plants to produce augmented audio; choreographing hand micro-gestures in tactile and signaletic connections with both augments and plants; and passing augments between the Leap Motion interface, Unity3D and Touch Designer.

{keywords: [composition, gesture, plants, affection, digital, organic]}

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event: almat2020
date: 200919
author: [Rewa Wright, Simon Howden]
place: Online

keywords: [material, materiality, digital, organic, bioelectrical data, plants]