How to apply for the 12th SAR Conference on Artistic Research

Below follows a technical guide how to submit using the RC application system.

For more background info about the call:

About the SAR conference in general:

Step 1.

A fully upgraded Research Catalogue (RC) account is required to apply. Deadline for submissions via the Research Catalogue (RC): 30th Sept 2020. Deadline for registering as full users at the RC: Ten days earlier – 20th Sept 2020.

If you have a limited RC account or are subscribed to SARA, go here to upgrade your limited account.

If you do not have an RC account:

  1. Register a (free) RC account by going to:
  2. Follow the instructions to upgrade to a full account.
    Because of processing time, it is strongly recommended to register and upgrade before 20th of September.

Step 2.

Once you have a full account, you can log in and apply to the call by going to your profile page:
Click create application button and select “SAR Conference - Call 2021” from the dropdown (screenshot here).

Step 3.

You will now see the main form ( screenshot ).

Adding media

It is possible to upload media files through the files tab. If you refer to any RC exposition in your application, please make sure the exposition’s link is public. For more info on visibility of RC expositions, see the RC guide entry on sharing.

The RC user support is available for help (during weekdays).


location of create application button

select the right call

the form

the status (& submit) tab