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„point in time - 時点、今を確認する" – we substantiate this moment, time is not linear and a continual dot..., is an artistic research project which creates a connection between the presentation of physical art works, lecture (artist talk) with three thematic parts and the exhibition (re-presentation) with kind support of berlinerpool in the studio at Aqua Carré Berlin and at the office of berlinerpool in 2013. This paper is a summary of "POINT IN TIME" in 2013 and a contemplation about arts and cultures in our contemporary society. The three topics "IDEA-Prefiguration", "performative-open system" and "Untitled-semiotics as personal code" will be summarized by the art works of artists; Márcio Carvalho, Eduardo da Conceição, Emma Waltraud Howes, Charlie Jouvet, Erika Matsunami, Enda O’Donoghue. It's a matter of the art works of artists which represent "time and space" in cognitive processes with different techniques and medium: from painting to performance up to multimedia. This basic theme "time and space" was taken up in the exhibition (re-presentation) on materiality and aesthetics, and to substantiate the cultures as background of artists and identity as well as individuality in our contemporary global society.
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When our modern brain developed 100,000 year ago, it perfectly suited the circumstances of that time. Therefore, we remember some things very easily like faces, tastes, routes and also music as a part of the social interaction. Music is an essential feature of the human existence and that is why when we hear a song we like, we will most likely recognize it easily the next day. This is why commercials use images, logos and rhyming texts together with jingles. The information stays in our minds easily, and more completely when it is repeated often. I will refer to this as the natural memorization path. Memory athletes are able to learn the order of cards in 30 decks within an hour. What they use is the natural memorization path. Simply put, they take a route in their own house, and place images on this route. After learning this they walk along this route and find all the images in the right order. This system is called the Loci-system and was used already by the Greeks. Musicians can also use the natural memorization path because music also settles easily in our mind. Hearing a song even once is often enough to have it settle in our brains. For musicians, this is a very practical tool for memorization but first some work has to be done. I will go into this later. We can learn more easily, more quickly and, above all, with much more enjoyment. The work that has to be done is developing a solid and immediate translation from the music in our mind to the instrument. For this solfeggio, harmony and analysis are essential tools. Finally, I will provide some practical tips for a high-functioning brain to learn and to memorize music.
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The Real Health Center is the world's first performance with scientifically proven health benefits. The Real Health Center combines new live art, high-level scientific research and an enchanting performance whose value can be judged with clear scientific indicators. In other words: Finally a performance that clearly articulates what good it does for you.
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Research: INVISIBLE MATTER OF FINE ART (15/10/2013) by Zygmunt Piotrowski
Zygmunt Piotrowski 10/04/2014 at 21:48


Research: Great breathing, Great Music (12/02/2014) by FRancisco José Leal Velada Couto
João Diogo Rosas Leitão 14/02/2014 at 17:46

Caro Francisco,


Agora que já és meio mestre, vê lá se já sabes esta:


Qual é a parte de trás de um chaparro?

Research: Located Identity: Finding the Mallee (2013) by Dominic Redfern

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