Remco Roes
artistic research, dialogue, visual essay, space
Julián Turiel Lobo
Early music, classical music
Paulina Brelińska
artistic research, Chinese art, Polish art, Generation Y
Jackel Chow
FILM, narration, Directing, Storytelling, improvisation, virtual camera, visualisation, 3D animation, digital art
Hwa Young Jung
art, artistic research, socially engaged art, Social Practice, criminology
András Blazsek
Environment, Sculpture, sound art, soundscape, sound architecture, media archaeology, Prototype, 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D animation, 3d digital modeling
Barbis Ruder
performance, body, sculpture, orthesis, prothesis, sports, medicine, interdisciplinary, art, body art, body of work, body of the performer, physiology, physicality, artistic research, Medical Humanities, medicine technic, interdisciplinarity, conjunction
Ahmed Omer
music, sports, design
Theodore Teichman
embodiment, environmental art, environmental sound, environmental stewardship, environmental artistic research, environmental humanities, environmental ethics, ecology, eco-art, ecocriticism, ecopsychology, artistic research, landscape, landscape art, land-art, Landscape.Body, sound art, soundwalk, soundscape composition, soundscape, psychogeography, psychoacoustics, phenomenology, materiality, vibrant matter, material perception, material ontology, body extended, performance, site, Site-specific, place, Place and time, placemaking, time, time based media, time ecology, Film-making, photographic practice
Stijn Brinkman
space and body, violin, curatorship, mirror, participatory arts, light art