Anna LIndal
Anna Walker
artistic research, art practice, transdiciplinarity, trauma, memory, culture, affect
Alexander Damianisch
Artistic and Scientific Research
Casper Schipper
sound, computer music, programming, research catalogue, composition, coding
Eli Bø
Space, place, architecture and objects as narrative tools
Benedict Olk
dance, choreography and performance, agency, Authorship, postmodernism, formalism, re-enactment, reconstruction, technique, Practice-as-research, practice-based research, practice as research, practice based research, practice, Merce Cunningham, archive, dance technique
Jacob Anderskov
artistic research, artistic processes, music, improvisation, composition, performance, philosophy, aesthetics, methodology, phenomenology, Hermeneutics, post-structuralism, Noise, post-tonality, ensemble, interplay
Jennifer Anyan
fashion, art, embodiment, affect, Sensor-technology, performative writing, art writing, autoethnography
Maud Haering
Caldara, singing, salterio, scialmo, chalumeau, cymbalum, Psalterium, Vienna, Oratorio
LM Sanchez Cardona
transdiciplinarity, new media art, digital art, socially engaged art, antropocene, sound art, ethnography, philosophy as art, Beckett
Torben Körschkes
spatial design, Political Design, Spaces in between, architecture, architectural research, Design research
Liza Lim
Music Composition, ecology, time, Anthropocene