Annette Arlander
artistic research, performance as research, performing with plants, moving image, video, landscape, environment, ecology, new materialism, performance art
Julian Klein
artistic mode, practice and theory of playing, mise en musique, neuroaesthetics, emotionology, sonification, historical investigation
Michael Schwab
post-conceptual art
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni
Phil Sawdon
drawing, drawing research
Per Anders Nilsson
improvisation, Jazz, game studies, systemic art, electroacoustic music
Sónia Pina
Intermedia, intermediality, Fluxus, New-Media, Intersemiotics, communication, expanded-arts, visual ontologies
Remco Roes
artistic research, dialogue, visual essay, space
Ami Skanberg Dahlstedt
walking activism, Cixous, Japanese philosophy, Japanese dance, suriashi, artistic research, dance practice, movement research, performance lecture, nihon buyo
Jeremy Welsh
visual art, video installation; performance; landscape; environment;, Video art, performance, contemporary music, experimental film, Experimental music, Media Arts