Torben Snekkestad
improvisation, poetic and sensuous learning, embodiment, artistic research, Multiplicities, New Materialism, Diffractive methodology, sampling, critical listening, instrument design, Experimental music
Flick Harrison
community-engaged art, Video art, online video, political film, Media Arts, activism
Michael Lazar
Broad - from science to art and the boundary between them
Carlos Roos
metaphysics, global music, phenomenology, film, performance, critical theory
Pia Siirala
indigenous music, arctic, etnomusicology
Stephen Edward Bottomley
Craft, jewellery, culture, innovation, practice-based research, materiality, heritage
Beatrice Zaidenberg
non-human, parasitic endeavor, Contemporary art, art and science
Erlend Stenersen Sæth
ntnu, interaction design
Alexandra Crouwers
ecology, ecological trauma, Ecological Consciousness, biodiversity, science fiction, VISUAL CULTURE, visual art, forest, plague
Nina Dahl-Tallgren
theater, performance, actor training, Applied Theatre
Ana Miriam Rebelo
photography, architecture, public space, photobooks, visual culture, editorial design, design
Könemann Flora
sound, Listening space and electroacoustic diffusion, craft, somatic research, dance;, composition, free jazz, frequency, painting process, movement, trance, Colour, transition