Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen

Published research by Staff 2020

Peer reviewed research published in 2020-21

Habitable Exomusics (2020) Jacob Anderskov
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: “The project examines post tonal material structuring principles in improvised music.
 It deals with (searches for) unexploited opportunities or new forms of expressions within improvised music through studies of possible ways to organize the musical material - and with relevant practical and creative ways to find room for them in improvised music.” Original RESEARCH QUESTION: Through my own artistic practice, I will examine -  To which extent it is possible for me to use definable post tonal structuring principles in my improvisations, and 
-  Which of these principles can best be used in my improvisational universe. 

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Action vs. Reaction (2020) Jacob Anderskov
"Action versus Reaction - Artistic encounters with an aesthetic otherness", was a research project undertaken at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2015-2016. The primary artistic output of the project is the album ”Resonance”, released on Sundance Music in September 2016. My ensemble Resonance (previously known as ” Strings, Percussion & Piano”) consists of 3 string players as well as Peter Bruun on drums and myself on piano. The string players all have a background in European classical music and (composed) new music, whereas Peter and I originally came out of improvised music, jazz and its neighbouring regions. In this ensemble, we have been dealing with artistic encounters between our different aesthetics backgrounds for several years. I have realized that my primary curiosity orbits around the questions: 1) How can all members of a cross-genre ensemble stay true to their own musical intuition, developed through decades of full immersion? 2) How can these confident artists then transcend their notion of themselves and meet anew in an aesthetic field different from their respective origins? In 2018, Jacob Anderskov was nominated for the Nordic Council Music Price for the album Resonance.
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Music for the inner ear (2020) Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard
Our fantasy has crumbled - yet we must go into utopia to articulate alternative realities that will allow us to escape the current systems we are living in and by. What can we do if we only dream pragmatic and rational dreams that speak into already existing paradigms and systems? When a catastrophic or sudden event occurs we often say that reality exceeds fantasy, this being the exception of the norm, but what if reality exceeding fantasy is in fact the norm - and not vice versa? - what if our fantasy has crumbled in such a degree that we only are capable of imagining realities and solutions which already fit into a dysfunctional system? Are we doomed? - or do we dare to go full on into utopia? In the artistic research project; Music for the inner Ear - Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard looks into the realms of imaginary sound and sonic potentiality unfolded within different artistic domains - raising the questions; Is it possible to create imaginary music only audible for the inner ear of the listener & when does something actually exist? In the project the notion of potentiality is a main driver both in activating the listener but also simply by addressing the potential of potentiality.
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