National Film School of Denmark

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The National Film School of Denmark is a state school, supported by the Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The school was founded in 1966 by Theodor Christensen and is beautifully situated on the small island of Frederiksholm in the harbour of Copenhagen, next to The Rhythmic Music Conservatory, and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. The National Film School of Denmark has 8 programmes: Script writing, sound, editing, fiction directing, documentary directing, animation and games directing, cinematography, and film producing. The number of students is approximately 100. All lines of study are 4-year programmes, except animation and games directing which is a 4 a half years program. Students learn the craft of filmmaking to ensure their future employment in the professional film and media industry. The teaching also aims to develop and support each student's unique, personal, artistic talent. The teaching programme is a mixture of theoretical and practical training and includes a large number of exercises and productions. The students' final project is a film produced on a professional level and presented to the public. No diploma or former education is in itself a guarantee of admission. All students must pass an entrance test including both practical exercises and interviews. The programs are all in Danish, so in order to be admitted to the National Film School of Denmark you must be able to speak and understand Danish. The number of employees amounts to about 50 persons, including teachers, technical and administrative staff. A large number of guest teachers are temporarily employed.


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