Andy Frizell

United Kingdom
research interests: composer-performer
affiliation: University of Liverpool

Andy is a composer and musician with a background in theatre, dance and multi-disciplinary performance work. He has worked extensively with and for the human voice creating scores for mass and solo voices and also creating music from spoken word and sung recordings as well as other found sounds. He has made performance work with, among others, Mischief La Bas, John Fox, Bremen Shakespeare Company, The Liverpool Lantern Company, Kaboodle, Cocoloco, and Walk the Plank and made music, live or recorded, with Viv Stanshall, Kevin Ayers, Super Furry Animals, Neil Innes, The Magic Band, Les Reines Prochaines, The Coral, Jimmy Carl Black, John Halsey and Shack.

He currently lectures in performance and composition at the University of Liverpool.


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