Albert Cheng-Syun Tang

Norway (residence), Taiwan (citizenship) °1979
research interests: Design, Critical practice, Critical speculative design, information technology, Human-machine-Interaction, creative computing, Politics of design, interaction design, graphic design, visual communication, philosophy
affiliation: Dept. of Design, Faculty of Art, Music, Design, University of Bergen, Norway.

He is a design practiioner, researcher, Taiwanese citizen and currently Associate professor at Dept. of Design of the Faculty of Fine Art, Music, Design at University of Bergen, Norway. His concluded doctoral research project Reflective Roaming - Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality (2014-2018) is a critical inquiry into our conditions of living and being in the relationship between the “designing” and the “designed” in the contemporary informatized everyday


Prior to both of his PhD and MA Design study in Bergen Academy of Art and Design(2009-2011), he had worked as a visual and industrial designer in Foxconn Technology Group in Taiwan and also engaged with cultural design projects in publishing sectors after graduating from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology with a BD degree in visual communication design. He has received some professional recognitions including, among others, the Red Dot Design Concept Award, NEU/NOW Festival, Taiwan Visual Design Golden Award, Asia-Pacific Design, International Design Awards(IDA), K-Design Award, National Geographic Photography Award, International Photography Awards and so on.



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