Nina Hällgren

architecture, artistic research, urban sound planning and design
Sweden (residence) °1977
research interests: architecture, artistic research, urban sonic space, Urban acoustic planning, soundscape, sound
affiliation: Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and the Built Environment / Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design

I am an architect involved in architectural/artistic research on the qualitative dimension of urban sonic space.

The point of departure for the research is the question of  how it is possible to encircle and communicate various sonic qualities of urban acoustic space and the specific agents that produces these, to a larger extent than is currently applied by professional practices engaged in the phsyical creation of urban environments, like architecs, urban planners, acusticians and other environmental experts who today foremost deals with quantiatively related tools and strategies of description and operation.
Sound as a mediator of social, spatial and temporal qualities has the ability to deepen our understanding for existing urban spaces/trajectories/areas, and illuminate their divers and maybe contrasting meanings and values in the urban mesh. The assumption is that experiencing, observing  and evaluating various qualities of our surrounding everyday environment from several interacting angles and through different means of description and represenation, it is possible to reveal relations, connections and qualities that would otherwise be neglected or ignored.

Expanding current quantitative methods for working with sound in the urban environment through the addition of an enhanced focus on the qualitative dimension, is essential in order to work with urban sonic space from an integrative and creative perspective.


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