Jovita Pristovšek

Slovenia °1982
affiliation: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria

Jovita Pristovšek is a postdoctoral researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2021–24), and an assistant professor at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. Previously, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2019–21). She holds a PhD in philosophy (Postgraduate School ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana), and an MA in Fine Arts (The Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana). Her research interests focus on the theme of race and racialization within contemporary regimes of aesthetic, public, and political.


Her recent publications include the exhibition catalogue Stories of Traumatic Pasts: Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Turbo-Nationalism (co-edited with Marina Gržinić, Sophie Uitz, and Christina Jauernik; Berlin, Hatje Cantz, 2020), Dialogues for the Future: Countering the Genealogy of Amnesia (edited by Marina Gržinić and Šefik Tatlić, in collaboration with Valerija Zabret, Jovita Pristovšek, Tjaša Kancler, and Sophie Uitz; Belgrade, Centre for Cultural Decontamination CZKD, 2020), Opposing Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Turbo-Nationalism: Rethinking the Past for New Conviviality (co-edited with Marina Gržinić and Sophie Uitz; Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020), and a monograph Strukturni rasizem, teorija in oblast  [Structural Racism, Theory, and Power] (Ljubljana, Sophia, 2019). 



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