Alexander Lindman

Master actor @ SKH - Acting for screen and social media
Sweden °1983
research interests: Acting for screen and social media, Acting, Acting on social media platforms, What is the actor's role in the age of social media, Mime acting, Stunt acting, physical theatre, The social media actor, Deneurotypicalize acting technique, Deneurotypicalize, neurodiversity, ADHD, adhd actor, Mime, Stunt, ADHD acting, Social media, social media actor, Social media Acting, Deneurotypicalized Acting, ART, Entertainment, PerspART, NewART, AutoART
affiliation: Stockholm University of the Arts

I'm researching the ART of the ADHD Social Media Actor. Both trying to de-neurotypical-ize acting in general and trying to findout what an ADHD Social Media Actor is/ could be. And to do that I also use my first definition of art (ART) to base the work upon.

ART: "To collectivly dream within and/or outside the realms of the possible about..."


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