Vasileios Filippou

Netherlands (residence), Cyprus (citizenship) °1991
research interests: Composition

Ottoman music as a source of inspiration for today's composers

Applying aspects of Ottoman Classical music within current compositional practice

How can I, as a composer, understand the rich tradition of Ottoman Classical music and as a result, inform my compositional work?

This is a practice as research approach where composition, which is my artistic practice, becomes both my subject and my tool of research. It is an area not extensively studied in the past and it is free of pre-defined methods and open to new interpretations. This paper can be an introduction to composers who have not yet studied or practiced this kind of music. 


Vasileios Filippou's music has been performed in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Greece, Spain and Cyprus, broadcasted from BBC Radio 3 (UK) and RIK Radio (CY) and also presented in Aldeburgh and Cheltenham music festivals. Latest major performances include a piece for Orkest de Ereprijs in Appeldoorn and a piece for Ives ensemble and Slagwerk Den Haag in Amsterdam. 


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