John Baldacchino


John Baldacchino is Professor of Art and Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he specializes in art, philosophy, and education. He was faculty at Columbia University in New York and the universities of Warwick, Dundee, Falmouth, and Robert Gordon in Britain. He is the author of fifteen books, which include Easels of Utopia (1998/2018), Avant-Nostalgia (2001). Education Beyond Education (2009); Makings of the Sea (2010), Art’s Way Out (2012), John Dewey (2014), Art as Unlearning (2019), Educing Ivan Illich (2020) and Lessons of Belonging (2023). A new volume, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Continental Philosophy of Education (with Herner Saeverot) is forthcoming in 2023.


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