Rafal Hanzl

creative technologist
Norway (residence), Poland (citizenship) °1970
research interests: filmmaking, digital art, creativity, creativity process, film development, pre-production, previsualization, virtual reality, visual art, VFX, visuals, visual effects, storyline, emotional communication, compositing, HDRI, new media art, new technologies, postmodernism, film, contemporary media, conceptual art, digital imaging, storytelling, new media, computer-generated imagery
affiliation: The Norwegian Film School / Den norske filmskolen – Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Rafal Hanzl is a creative technologist, academic teacher, director, photographer, performer, painter, and digital artist interested in developing films, visualizations, and multimedia events, who researches the new possibilities of using digital tools to support artistic expression. His idea of creating interactive art is to employ the techniques which involve the generation, processing, projection, and spatial interrelation of visuals and sound. His solutions are often shared with other artists or artistic teams for further development.

He aims to develop storytelling techniques independent of media platforms (including the Internet, VR, performance and film), endorsing multidisciplinary breadth and lateral thinking through unconventional use of digital tools. His films, exhibitions, digital artifacts, and performances, often created with a variety of collaborators, provide an opportunity  to apply innovative twists to digital technologies that highlight human relationship with machines and explore the intersection of digital and analog techniques in art. Even though he employs in his work mostly digital technology, he still advocates the use of traditional art methods in the creative process to achieve most powerful effects.

He has been an academic teacher since 2000: first at the Polish Film School in Lodz, subsequently at The Norwegian Film School in Lillehammer, where he co-authored the curriculum of the new visual effects faculty. In January 2017, he received a Ph.D. from the Polish Film School, the Direction of Photography and Television Production Department, in the field of film arts, specializing in animation and special effects. He was a research fellow in the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP) between October 2015 and December 2018.


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