Juan Carlos Castro

Canada (residence) °1977

Juan Carlos Castro is Assistant Professor of Art Education at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. He is interested in the intersection of contemporary art practice and curriculum. Specifically, his collaborative artistic research addresses issues of social relations as a medium in which to create new learning encounters. He also researches the dynamics and qualities of knowing, learning and teaching art through new and social media.  


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Exposition: Mapping a Modern Diegesis: Terre des Hommes and Robert Altman's Quintet (01/01/2013) by Paul Landon
Juan Carlos Castro 16/12/2013 at 11:28
The interface of present day geographical investigation, mapping the remnants of the Expo 67 site and the settings for the film Quintet offer a number of fascinating possibilities for contemplating the relationships between place, narrative, and spectacle. However, the form of the exposition creates some obstacles to experiencing the potential of this interface of mapping. The number one salient quality of this exposition is the potential to interface through cartography, present day narrative/photographic investigation, historic maps, and fictional/historic maps.
What this exposition attempts is what JAR hopes for the research catalogue. Its non-linear interactive design intension is well suited for this concept and JAR. While three “layers,” (it should be referred to as sites) allows the reader/viewer to navigate fairly well it is not intuitive and disjoints the core potential of overlapping content representing the three sites of "data" (personal narrative, historical documentation of Expo 67 site, and the narrative map of Quintet). Instead, the sites are presented in various places with sporadic depth in regards to content (both textually and visually). It is admirable that the design of this exposition is a non-linear map and there needs to be further exploration of this means of knowledge dissemination.